Monday, May 24, 2004

What passes for TV these days...

Subject: TV
Last night was my "I actually watch TV" night.

The Simpson's and King Of The Hill are exceptions to my "never watch the Fox Network" rule.

I caught the Soprano's on its very first episode, and have watched every single one since. It's kept me on HBO, and since I've gotten it in hi-def, it's all the better.

A bonus is that HBO added another hi-def gem: Deadwood. A lot of cussin' and mud and chilling brutality, but I swear (heh) that it's absolutely brilliant.

And after a night with both of them, it takes me at least 24 hours before I stop muttering "f*ing c*sucker" under my breath every so often...

Beyond those, I rarely watch TV, at least network programming. PBS will usually come up with something watchable, but if it's not a movie or some hi-def eye-candy I haven't seen yet, I'll usually gravitate to Newsworld International, or one of the three C-Spans. Especially C-Span 2 when BookTV is on. Great stuff, that BookTV.

The Daily Show is usually on my "always watch" list, but I've burned out on politics for the time being, so I'm avoiding it for a little while. I wish I could say that going to bed earlier is helping me sleep better...

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