Friday, June 18, 2004

The Library Grows

Subject: Cinema
Deep Discount DVD is having one of their infamous 20% off sales starting today. Note that the word is already out, and they have been slammed since at least 9:30 am.

I did a little pent-up box-set spree. I needed to expand the European side of my collection a little. I also indulged in the old Shogun series box set, because, as I recall, it gave a really good introduction to learning Japanese to the extent that you could follow the (very basic) Japanese dialog without subtitles towards the end. Not that I seriously believe that I'll be learning Japanese, but with the amount of Japanese films in my collection (or soon to be in my collection), I'm looking to add at least a little bit of dimension to my viewing pleasure.

No, really, it's not the anime! I mean, sure, I've added this to the pile to see if I like that series at all. And, well, okay, I'm downloading fansubs of a new series by the same studio & director that made Noir... But... I don't have a problem! Really.

(Did I just actually use the word "fansub"?)

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