Friday, June 04, 2004

The Vacation within the Vacation

Subject: Musings

I didn't go for a #7! I spent a day reading and listening to music. In fact, I will likely not pick up a Noir disc until at least next Tuesday. I'm going along with some friends for a 4-day cruise in a chartered houseboat on the Erie Canal. No Internet, no Blackberry, no movies.

I've started Dostoevsky's The Idiot (Pevear's new translation), which is my only "transistion" from Noir to the real world. I've also got Carlos Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind, which I may abandon Dostoevsky for entirely while aboard. I have the feeling that a dark & brooding Russian novel may be a bit over-doing it for a vacation.

To complement my reading, I also picked up a 30gb Nomad Zen MP3 player. It's compact, has a halfway-decent battery life, and costs a lot less than an iPod. The UI is a little less elegant, and the thumbwheel is a bit delicate, but it'll do the trick. I also grabbed one of those cheap Belkin FM transmitters, which seems to do the job in my car. I was getting tired of switching CDs, and the radio is pretty much useless to an obscure-music fan like myself.

I've only got it filled about halfway; pretty much all of my Stereolab, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, Royksopp, and misc. "Buddha Bar" & "Cafe del Mar" compilations, plus a lot of Cuban/Latin, some pop/techno/alternative to mix it up, and some classical to help fall asleep if I need it. I think there's around 1500-2000 songs on there; that should be enough variety for a couple of days.

When I come back, I'll have one more day of vacation before needing to get at all the work I left behind. If my trip was successful, I won't spend that day on Marathon #7.

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