Saturday, July 10, 2004

1 for 3 with the toys this week

Subject: Gear
My beloved home entertainment system's centerpiece is the Samsung HLN567 56" rear-projection DLP HDTV monitor.

And it's now squealing the screech of the undead.

You see, the way DLP works is that it has a single chip, and the light reflects off of it and through a rapidly spinning colorwheel. Normally, this wheel sounds no different than an ordinary cooling fan, and is no distraction even in quiet movies. Apparently when the bearings go bad, it lets you know just how much.

But now the neighbors' dogs are agitated, and the set is unwatchable. *Sigh*

This was just in time for me to have finished assembling my brand new, totally-from-scratch HTPC, using all kinds of silent fans and power and doo-dads, with a top-end graphics card, an HDTV tuner, a 3.2Ghz P4, and 650GB of drive space for all those movies and MP3 files of mine. Quite the powerhouse, and my initial setup of DVD playback using the legendary FFDShow post-processing software showed that I was easily within tweaking-distance of my DVD-upscaling nirvana.

And, until the Samsung Banshee began to wail, it met my goal of "being quieter than the set". Now my refridgerator meets that particular goal. *sigh*

Finally, earlier in the week, my brand new Zen MP3 player totally died. It completely refused to turn on. I had it all set up with a little FM transmitter for the car, and it was an excellent addition to my evenings-sitting-by-the-lake-with-a-beer-and-a-good-smoke. I also had about 15 gig of playlisted tunes on there.

So much for taking a week off from work to enjoy myself.

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