Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Back in business

Subject: TV
Ahh, that giant expensive piece of plastic over on the end of my living room is functional again! The new wheel is even quieter than the old one was originally, which I hope bodes well for it's longevity.

Now I'm bloggin' on the big screen. I've been tweaking video settings all evening and I'm not even close to happy with the results yet. I'm still messing with FFDShow, but I think until the new TheaterTek 2.0 comes out with the new NVidia DVD decoder, I'm probably not going to be able to settle on it yet.

And I still have to get the video recording and time-shifting stuff underway. I think I'm going to go with SageTV and stream it over my network to my bedroom set and get rid of the extra cable box. And the costly "Premiums on Demand" feature. That should save me enough to finally join GreenCine and get my movies that way instead.

Which I'll do when I finally get DVD playback right.

I just wish I'd spend this kind of energy working on remodelling my house!

(Oh, and Madlax fansubs blown up to the big screen? Awesome! I'll post pics later.)

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