Sunday, August 22, 2004

Finished watching, rewatching, wanting to watch

Subject: Noir
This week I finished Lain.

I liked the end. It was a very nice, almost genuine, sort of moment. But there was a lot to slog through to get there. A bit much in the pretensiousness department if you ask me. But do I "get it"? Have I "figured it out"? No, not really. I wasn't really drawn into it enough to really care what so-called messages were being hinted at. It was still watchable overall, and it made for an interesting experience, but I think it could have been better.

My shipment of .hack discs showed up. Well, actually, all but discs 3 and 4, which were the next ones I needed to see! Argh! So I rewatched the 1st two discs with subtitles. I liked the dialogue a lot better without the stiff dubs. I also think that with all the damn Japanese dialog I've been watching lately, I'm picking up on the meaning a lot better too. Not that I have any comprehension of the vocabulary, but I'm starting to catch a lot more than I have in all my years of watching Japanese cinema. Watch this space in the future as my obsession leads me to taking Japanese lessons... Bet ya $5...

Madlax episode 20 -- what was it I said before? Oh yes, "a juggernaught of awesomeness". There's so many little things going on; so many revelations and obfuscations, that it's just delightful. Of course, the two translations that are out contradict each other in places, again! That just points out where the original dialogue is ambiguous I guess. Another point in the "I should take Japanese lessons" column, methinks.

Bad news is that this week, Madlax won't be airing! They'll air two of them the following week, but... [involuntary shudder] ...what will I do this week??? [eyes tearing up] *sniff*

It's definitely taking forever for GreenCine discs to make the round trip. I don't think I'll get to see anything more from my queue until Friday at the earliest. And that will just be one disc, as I've put the other two in the mail just yesterday. Which means a week from, oh, Tuesday, will be when I see those. I'm not sure if the math is adding up here with regards to $$. But they've got a better selection of what I want to see than Netflix does, and there's no locals to rent this stuff from either. Oh well.

Anyway, I've been moving the various Mashimo-directed series higher up in the queue in hopes of finding them both watchable and buyable, because, obviously, I'm not spending anywhere near the money that I should be on these things. Ahem.

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