Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Madlax home stretch

Subject: Noir
So it's another Wednesday, and I'm eagerly refreshing the AnimeSuki Madlax page in an attempt to catch the very moment that any of the fansub groups races to get ep 18 online first. I probably won't get to see it until the usual Thursday (which I have declared earlier, of course, as "Madlax Day". But I've gotta have it!

And I've got to stop reading the AnimeSuki forum's Madlax thread, as there are a few folks who watch the raw un-subbed episodes just as they're released, and post all kinds of spoilers. The spoilers are politely hidden as they should be, and they're not doing anything wrong. But it's just soooooooo hard to resist those little buttons! Bright, shiny buttons.

Anyway, the gist is that the storylines are converging, which means the rollercoaster to the end is about to be unleashed. I am thrilled!

More later, gotta get back to the day-job.

[This just in! ANBU & Lunar win this week with a release at 4:35PM EDT; I might just get to see it tonight! I'm such a geek.]

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