Wednesday, August 18, 2004

The New Blogger Bar

Subject: Musings
Well, taking a gander at the SiteMeter Referrals statistics, it looks like there's a new side-effect of Blogger's new top-bar. The "Next Blog" button has been adding a bit more traffic than the usual "Google search for Madlax OST" hits I've been getting.

For a second there I thought I might have accidently posted something interesting. I guess not!

Anyway, for all you new visitors, this isn't really an "anime" blog. Seriously! Right now I'm working through a newfound obsession with a couple of shows that happen to be in that genre; this is really just a general observation-and-critique site for all types of snobby and/or niche media.

I'm just stuck in one niche at the moment is all. Actually, a niche within a niche, as what I seem to dig is mostly ignored by the typical denizens of that community. Which, for me, is about the way it always goes.

(Speaking of which, Madlax ep 20 should be hitting the 'torrentsphere any moment now. Whoo-hoo!)

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