Monday, August 02, 2004


Subject: Musings
Posting While Intoxicated.

After nearly 20 years of internet access, you'd think I'd figure out that when I have a couple of drinks, I should just put the ethernet cable where I put the car keys. There's this magical place a couple of beers between being buzzed and being dizzy where I feel I know all the answers, I see beauty amplified in every little thing, and I have the eloquence of a Harvard English Literature Ph.D. It's the state where movies like "Lost In Translation" seem like absolute genius.(*) It's the state that I post nihlistic cynicism on the political boards, and over-intellectualized hogwash on the entertainment boards.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I usually feel some sort of embarrasment and regret afterwards.

Some of it leaks over into this site. I do dearly love "Wings of Desire", but try decoding just what that last sentence said? And the whole "Does Mashimo Get It" deal from a while back -- the man is an experienced artist with about 30 years of experience and here I am passing judgement on his "getting-it-ness". Heh. And that's one I posted on a forum too, not just in the obscurity of this little corner of

At any rate, I've noticed on the Referrals metrics on Site Meter that I'm getting a lot of Google/Yahoo hits (mostly from people looking for the Madlax OST, but often from more unusual phrases). I'm sure these folks pop on, realize that this is just another navel-gazing whiner fest, and move on.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Still, I should probably be a little more careful about what I spout off about. Or, conversely, I should try to write more outrageously, and see if I can attract any real attention.

Yeah, right!

(* I'm not saying "Lost In Translation" isn't any good, but I really need to watch it sober before I start posting marriage proposals to Sophia Coppala)

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