Sunday, October 24, 2004

More sampling (bits 'n pieces)

Subject: Noir
I've checked out a couple of new (well, new to me) programs in my quest for quality. I figure it's time to give a quick rundown:

"Gungrave". Caught an episode from G4TechTV that I DVR'ed. The animation quality was way too cheap for my taste, and everything about it was rather cheesy. I should probably give the Japanese track a try before passing final judgement (it was dubbed for TV), but there just wasn't anything compelling about it. I think I'll pass on this one.

"Detective Conan: Case Closed". Recorded off of the Cartoon Network. Didn't really grab me either. It's a bit immature for my tastes. I might give it another episode or two, but right now I'm not going out of my way to watch it.

"Kaze no Yojimbo". I mentioned way back that, when I first heard about "Samurai 7", I really wanted to see what other Kurosawa-based programs were out there; and here's one. And sadly, as with Samurai 7, I was pretty dissappointed in it. Again, the cheap animation quality really detracted from it. Story-wise, I thought it was a much more interesting adaptation than what S7 did, but it really wasn't very compelling. A bit too formulaic, and because it suffers so much in it's overall quality, there's nothing to hold me to it. I probably won't bother renting the rest.

"Master Keaton". Finally, something interesting! From the director who's currenly doing "Monster", this show is a little lighter, but has a similiar look and feel to the characters. Keaton is a very likeable character with an honorable demeanor and an earnest attitude, with interesting little nooks and crannies to his past -- and, for that matter, his present. It's slow-paced, episodic (as opposed to a long story arc like Monster), and pretty reasonable storytelling. The other characters he meets are interesting in their own right. I think this one is worth renting, though I don't think I find it particularly purchase-worthy.

I've finally got more Bebop discs showing up from Greencine for next weekend, so I may be able to form a more solid opinion about that one. In the mean time, I've pretty much run out of stuff to watch. I'll continue to give "Beck" a couple of more episodes, but I'm losing interest in it. "Mai HiME" is losing me fast as well. There's not much else on the current fansub list that strikes my fancy, so I guess I just have to hang on until "Meine Liebe" shows up.

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