Saturday, November 06, 2004

Other stuff I watched... (aka Utena continued)

Subject: Noir
Since Meine Liebe is just a half-hour show, obviously I must have been watching other stuff this weekend.

Well, this round of discs from GreenCine was a couple of Revolutionary Girl: Utena discs. Namely disc 2 of the series, and the movie.

I mentioned a while back that I didn't particularly like disc one of the series. And that continues with disc 2; in fact, disc 2 seems even worse. The first episode on that disc was particularly absurd (the elephants and the curry and other inanity). I mean, I know it was supposed to be funny and all, but it was just too ridiculous. If it were merely absurd, I could more forgiving. But overall, the series really doesn't do a damn bit of anything for me. I really don't like it. I don't like the art, I don't like the animation, I don't like the characterization. The few moments of dramatic interest to be found just don't make up for the tedium of what it's wrapped in.

It's odd. I mentioned before that uber-skilled women really draw me in. And if they're really leggy and attractive, all the better... (heh) But this just didn't do it for me.

But on to the movie. Wow. I can't say it was a totally different experience or anything, but it was definitely different nonetheless. Classic surrealism. I mean really, actually, somebody-studied-surrealist-artists surrealism. And, not being restricted by TV censorship, it was a bit, uhhh... hot. (heh) Yuri city.

I don't think it was entirely as pretentious as the series, though it was very much similar in a lot of ways. At any rate, I found it a bit more enjoyable, even though there was quite a bit of "What the f*" going on; which any classicaly surrealist work is supposed to invoke anyhow. It was still more fun. Not purchase-worthy, but more fun.

And, uhhh... hotter.

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