Monday, November 29, 2004

Productivity, production values, and product placement

Subject: Noir
So, I didn't quite accomplish everything I hoped for over the extended holiday weekend despite having my brother around to help out. My basement isn't entirely cleared out. I didn't get all of the stuff in my spare bedroom packed up and into the attic. I couldn't find my stash of old artwork. Not a particularly productive stretch of time.

But I did manage to get my brother hooked on Noir. Go figure. It's a little obvious with a cursory scan of my DVD shelf (especially since that DDD shipment arrived) that I've picked up a bit of an anime obsession since he last visited. Add to that the fact that I have Kirika and Mireille on my various computers' wallpapers, and other assorted trinkets and OST CDs around the house, he was sure to be wondering just what the heck all that was about. And after a few episodes, he actually seemed interested in seeing more.

So with some trepidation, I've loaned him the whole box set. Not "trepidation" in that I don't trust him with it or anything, but more "trepidation" in that I won't be able to see the girls again until after Christmas! I can't even just take a peek at a couple of episodes here and there. *Sigh* But at least he'll get to watch it without me saying "Dude, check this next bit out!" every couple of minutes.

He also dug Cowboy Bebop; between the "Best Sessions" discs I have, and one of the rentals from GreenCine, he got a pretty good taste of it. One of the first things he did is go and download the OP theme from iTunes.

Well, at any rate, I hope I haven't instilled any extra obsessiveness on the topic in him, because buying lots of DVDs is the last thing he can afford right now, doing that struggling-college-student thing that he does.

Well, I've got a handful of reviews lined up, mostly to revisit a couple of reviews I've already made based on further watching of those series. And I've got a huge stack of other movies to watch (particularly Kurosawa movies; I've almost rounded out my collection with nearly every disc available). And since there seems to be a number of you checking every now and again to see if I've posted something new, I'll do my best not to dissappoint. *wink*

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