Monday, December 27, 2004

Almost back!!

Subject: Noir
So I'm physically back in my abode on the shore of Lake Ontario, but I've got a backlog of messages and email to slog through that will take me through Tuesday, I'm sure. But in the meantime, I figured I'd post an update!

Christmas day I had the misfortune of a back spasm. Think of a charlie-horse, but in your middle-lower back. It was probably a combination of driving a car for 6 hours, and the "guest" mattress that I was sleeping on, but irregardless, I was mostly immobile for the day. And on TechTV was a marathon of "Last Exile".

So I watched all of 'em. All 26 episodes.

My brain hurts.

(Okay, that's due to all the damn commercials, not because of the show! Well, not entirely because of the show)

Of course, my parents think I'm nuts (and they're worried that their mattress is at fault for my immobilatization and that I'll be less inclined to visit if all I do is experience pain whenever I'm there. Heh.)

Well, all that said, "Last Exile" was entertaining. Like I mentioned before, while it's aimed at a younger audience, it doesn't fall into a lot of the usual immature trappings that most anime does. And the style is pretty cool; kind of a 19th century Russian/Prussian military sort of thing vs. pasty-white androdgyinous sci-fi jerks. It's not high-art or anything, but it's worth watching.

And for more anime, just now on my return, there were the last 3 episodes of Hellsing waiting for me. Okay, it was a totally inconclusive we-can-easily-make-a-sequel-if-we-want-one kind of ending, but I think overall, the series gets a rating of "cool". Again, not too deep, but there are still a couple of layers to it, and the characters are intersting.

Finally, my brother sure enough returned my Noir discs to me as promised, and I'm itching to see "my girls" again. I'll be marathoning them soon. And probably "Madlax". And I've built up a bunch of "Carnivale" episodes on the DVR (no, "Carnivale" is not an anime you haven't heard of; it's a series on HBO that I'll get into later).

So, I'll have more to report, even if some of it is a bit, uh, repetitive from some of my earlier posts...

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