Wednesday, December 22, 2004

"Miami Guns" volume 1

Subject: Noir
A quickie that showed up from GreenCine yesterday...

"Miami Guns" has two women cops and their riff-raff squad encountering all sorts of madcap hijinks... blah blah blah... Well, you can tell by the premise that it's probably a comedy. And it turns out it's not just comedy, but outright parody. A parody of just about everything imaginable.

Which I think was a bit of it's weakness -- it's darting around from in-joke to in-joke so fast that an anime newbie like me tends to miss the point. That's not to say it wasn't at all funny; it elicited many a chuckle from me. And there are plenty of bits that parody movies or TV instead of just anime. It's pretty well animated overall.

So overall, a bit of popcorn comedy to lighten things up, and worth keeping in the rental queue for casual viewing, but it's nothing I'll go out of my way for. The closest approximation would be "Gunsmith Cats", but I liked that a whole lot better (and bought it in my last round of purchasing).

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