Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The next one from Bee Train?

Subject: Noir
Ooh, two posts in a row!!

Anyway, news I found in the AnimeSuki forum: Bee Train's next one is going to be a series based on some manga called "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles".

Which I know absolutely nothing about. Something to do with "CLAMP". Which I know nothing about.

And supposedly it will be Koichi Mashimo directing.

Which, hey, if the fact that he's directing something has me watching foofy-haired guys posing angstily and running around in capes, it'd probably get me to watch freakin' Pokeman episodes for all it would matter.

(Though please tell me it won't be like Pokeman! Pleeeeaaaasssseee!)

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maromi said...

It's one of clamp's many crossover mangas about the two main characters of Card Captors Sakura including some people from XXXholic too. I really hope it's not Koichi Mashimo's anime for next season. It just doesn't seem like something he would direct. Perhaps too childish? I guess it would be better than nothing though.