Thursday, December 16, 2004

Who's directing who?

Subject: Noir
I mentioned before that the director of "Master Keaton" is currently directing "Monster". And I'll say it again, even though I'm not anxiously drooling over every release, I really think "Monster" is excellent. I just caught up to episode 33 after letting it slip a little, and he's really kicked the creepiness up a notch.

Not that I'm particularly a fan of creepy-for-creepy's-sake, but it adds a nice edge to what is quite a literary story. Literary in that it revels in the little side-eddies and subcurrents off of the main arc. The different characters that come and go and stay for a while, or dissappear for a while then return, or are just there for a bit never to be seen again; all of them have a little something extra to them. There are some who think it meanders too much with side-stories and "fluff", but they're really missing the point, I think.

Maybe they just haven't been reading enough literature.

And speaking of discovering one director directing something else, I just learned that the director of "Kino's Journey", Ryutaro Nakamura, also directed "Lain". I was quite surprised! Actually, looking at that ANN entry, he individually directed some of those episodes, and was the overall series director. I haven't heard of any of the others before. (Though the word "sakura" keeps showing up in various series; doesn't that mean "demon" or something? I should go find my J-to-E dictionary...)


Anonymous said...

[QUOTE](Though the word "sakura" keeps showing up in various series; doesn't that mean "demon" or something? I should go find my J-to-E dictionary...)[/QUOTE]

"sakura" means "cherry blossom"; you know, those pink petal things oftenly found flying around in those shoujo/school animes? :p

*** MartAnimE

Fellini 8.5 said...

Feh! Close enough! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hokusei Katsushika(Shinkichi Suga),a original writer of Japanese Anime "Master Keaton" ,had passed away on January 10,2005.
Aged 55, by cancer.

Anonymous said...

Fellini 8.5 said...

Thanks for the news Andan. I know I tend to go on about directors and I don't say much about their writers, but "Master Keaton" couldn't possibly be as good as it is without top-notch writing. So Katshushikasan's early passing is most definitely sad.

If the link is also your posting, can you summarize what it is? The Bablefish translation didn't help me in the slightest!

Anonymous said...

The original writer of "Seed"(a great ecology manga(anime)) and "Master Keaton" had passed away.

Everyone felt a strong impression when they met Shinkichi Suga for first time.
Everyone felt drawn toward his moderate, generous, quiet, and unique personality.
He left a will to people who would come to his funeral.

" I like a tanka(Japanese poem) which is in Manyo-syu(a Japanese anthology written around the early six hundreds).
The tanka says, "My pleasure is, when I invite friends, and say them "let's drink and eat!", even I am poor".
 Like this poem, please drink this true Ryukyu(Okinawa) sake(liquor), and enjoy this few hours.
 This is my pleasure".

 He was also a model of a horticulturist Sumio Saeki(volume 3 of "Master Keaton").