Friday, January 14, 2005

Battlestar Galact-oh-yeah!

Subject: TV
So the new, improved "Battlestar Galactica" series has finally made it over here. It's been airing in Great Britian for a while now, but finally we get to see it over here after having seen the pilot miniseries a long time ago.

It's pretty cool.

Okay, it's not high art or anything. But it's a far more twisted take on the ancient cheesy late-70's staple of bad special effects and cliched storyline (which, of course, I watched religiously at the time, bought the toys, and wince at when I see re-runs of). It's quite entertaining. Some of the trappings of the old series are still there in the form of old technologies (like the fact that communications are done on old phone handsets) because the newer, "scarier" (and in a couple of instances, "sexier") Cylons are able to completely disable "modern" technology with viruses and whatnot.

"Boomer" and "Starbuck" are now women. And both are totally *hawt*! Starbuck still smokes cigars, too. Heh.

There's one thing that bugs me though. I really want to tell the director of photography: "Get a F*-ing tripod!!!" The handheld camera thing is way overdone. The space sequences where it gets a kind of documentary look is pretty cool, but when every damn shot is bouncing around, well, that's overkill.

Anyway, this is pretty enjoyable, even though the crappy analog cable channel doesn't look particularly good. So I'll look forward to the day that I can see this in a better quality format. Until then, I'll enjoy the chance to watch something rather unusual as far as TV is concerned: an original remake! Who'da thunk it?!

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