Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Belated weekend reviews

Subject: Noir
Just a couple of quick reviews that I haven't gotten around to posting yet:

"Now and Then, Here and There" disc 2 -- Boy howdy, does the first episode on this disc takes the tone to an even darker level! Yet, as low and oppressive as it gets, that plucky little kid just explodes with purpose and motivation. I swear, even a cynical old fart like me wants to cheer Shu on!

I've complained on a couple of occasions (Gunslinger Girls and Elfin Lied) that putting little kids in tragic situations is grossly manipulative. In this case, yeah it still is, but in a way, it feels less like it's cynically engineered to evoke those responses, and more like an authentic dramatic fictional experience. I'm looking forward to seeing how this ends with the next disc.

"Bubblegum Crisis" (1987) -- Now here's an old skool series I totally missed out on back in the day. And sure enough, it's chock-full of that old-skool charm and character. And really cheesy, cringeworthy music! "Priss & Replicants", though... Great name! Heh. Anyway, good old-fashioned popcorn fun. I'll get through this original version first before trying the newer "2040" version.

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