Saturday, January 01, 2005

Kirei na Kanjou

Subject: Noir
The soft touch
Finally made me notice how cold my cheek was

Like waking up in the morning
And noticing the birds chirping for the first time


I don't know anything yet
What my heart is seeking
I don't know

I was always looking up at the sky
Like this, since who knows when

I would send my thoughts
to right below that cloud.


Anonymous said...

... hum... are you drunk? :p lol joking!!! ;)
I suppose that was a side effect from the New Year's "Noir Marathon", huh? It was really poetic! I encourage you to post more comments like this on your blog! :)

*** MartAnimE

Fellini 8.5 said...

Are you drunk?Hey!! For your information....

...uh, I was... *wink*

It's the subtitled translation for the end theme, by the way... I thought I'd share that warm afterglow of 12 straight hours of having that show totally take me over and having those lyrics echoing around in my head.

Anonymous said...

I knew it!!! :p Well, I hope you're sober now... it wouldn't be nice of me to keep commenting on "drunken blog entries", would it? ;)

And off course I knew that was the subtitled translation for Noir's Ending Theme!!! Who do you take me for??? :p

And since this is getting silly, let me submilinary advertise to everyone who reads your blog to watch Noir, the best anime ever made! And Happy 2005! :)

*** MartAnimE

Anonymous said...