Saturday, February 05, 2005

Meine Liebe: Auf Wiedersehen.

Subject: Noir
Here's what I posted over on AnimeSuki:

"There was a bit of a tension build-up, then a standoff and a showdown, but then they just kept talking and talking. And then it ended. I'm sure the dialogue gets into the intracacies of the motivations and the final resolution and whatnot, but it's not readily apparent from just the visuals.

Well, overall, I'm left pretty unsatisfied with this series, though only mostly due to a lack of translation. Admittedly I had a harder time latching on to these characters than I do when there's pretty gals involved (heh), and overall there wasn't anything in the story that really made it compelling. That said, the animation, camerawork, art & design (great use of color!) -- they were all excellent (aside from the usual shortcuts of course), and the whole thing as a package is still quite unique compared to the other series out there.

If this ever gets licensed, I will probably wind up buying it for completeness' sake (Mashimo fanboy that I am)."

And that's about it. On to the next thang.

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