Saturday, February 26, 2005

Myazaki = Magic

Subject: Noir
I go on a lot about Koichi Mashimo, after all, "Noir" has had a huge impact on me this last year.

But Miyazaki is even better.

I finally watched "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" after nearly 20 years since I saw the hacked English dub titled "Warriors of the Wind" taped off of cable TV. I think I even still have that tape. I kind of completely forgot about it when talking about the impact various Japanese movies and series had on me, but a lot of what that original hacked-up dub meant to me came flooding back all at once.

It's a superb film in every way. And it's fantastically restored and presented in DVD format; as good as cel-animation-on-DVD gets. So of course I'm enamoured with it. There's so much to like. The strong, smart (and very pretty) Princess Nausicaa; the strange, deeply detailed, mythological world she inhabits -- all of it combines into an experience that only the best films achieve.

I'm not saying this is "better than Noir" yet... After all, I'm really, really biased towards what Mashimo pulled off with Noir. But Miyazaki is a true filmaker without peer and a true master of the art. So let me rephrase that: "Noir" is still my favorite. Miyazaki is a better filmmaker. Kind of like my Fellini vs. Kurosawa opinion -- Fellini has my favorite film, but Kurosawa is the better director. It's not a contradiction. It's really just a view on the complexities of my abstract, eclectic, snobbish taste.

And hey, that works for me! Heh.

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