Friday, February 11, 2005

News! Madlax Release Date, Noir WMV-HD "Cancellation"

Subject: Noir
Thanks to crack-reporter Maromi: good news, everybody!

Madlax Volume 1 has a release date!!

April 12, 2005.

As they say: "Whoooo Hooo!"

Of course, on AnimeOnDVD's front news page, they also listed this:
ADV Films Cancelation (06:04 PM EST): According to an additional update at Right Stuf, it appears that the planned 03/08/2005 release of Noir Vol. #1 (WMV HD Format) has been canceled as it has been removed from their listings and not just had its date changed if it was a delay of any type.

This may have something to do with the recent news that Microsoft's DRM has supposedly been circumvented. (Sorry no source on that, I saw it on AVS Forum). Or it could just be a delay. Dunno. And I'm not entirely sure I'm dissappointed because I'd much rather have the real HD format when it finally comes out. But I pretty much decided that I would have bought it anyway.


maromi said...

I made a little invision free forum for Madlax:

It's basically the same as Oyasumi, except for MADLAX. I don't think I'll post anything until more members do, or if they do.

Anonymous said...

Im already in! I'm member number 2 YAY :D I've also already advertised to another friend of mine! Ain't you in for it too Fellini? C'mon!!! :)

*** MartAnimE

Fellini 8.5 said...

I'm coming, I'm coming! Give an old man some time to catch up... :)