Sunday, February 20, 2005

"Weekend watching" again...

Subject: Noir
A quick rundown of my latest round of rotting out my brain with the brightly colored candy of cartoonery...

"Jin Roh - Wolf Brigade": A pretty good movie overall. Serious, a strong attention to detail, rather psychological. Animation is pretty good, but I do suspect that much of it is rotoscoped. Which is fine. If it's not, they probably put too much effort in to it for what the story was. Anyway, it's not something I'd go out of my way to see again, but there wasn't anything bad about it.

"Master Keaton" disc 3: The clever stories continue. Very interesting, though it seemed to be more of the same. But the variety within that "same" is interesting; at one point he's trying to figure out the secret ingredient in someone's Chinese food, and the next he's diffusing an IRA bomb. I think this show's probably best when you watch an episode now and then rather than sitting through the whole disc, because I'm finding my attention span just isn't up to the task. Or at least wasn't this weekend.

Though it was enough to get me through discs 4 (repeat) and 5 (brand new!) of "Neon Genesis: Evangelion". Again, this is my 1st time through the series, and I'm in the habit of rewatching the previous disc to refresh my memory before starting the newest one once it shows up. At any rate, I said before that disc 4 was hinting at something coming up -- and disc 5 really starts you on the road to Twisted-ville. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I think I'm keeping up with it, but I might not be getting everything. But, admittedly, the decent job that was done with the picture quality and the audio really go a long way toward allowing me to enjoy it all the more.

Let's see, what else...? Oh, I've been keeping up with "Air", though I'm really not entirely sure why. It's not really my kind of show, I don't think. A bit too melodramatic, yet there's an edge to it that I can't quite put my finger on. Hmm.

And speaking of "not really my kind of show", on recommendation, I've been sampling "Saber Marionette J" and "Excel Saga". It's still to early for judgement for me with them, though. I don't instantly hate them, at least. Heh. Both are "wacky" in their own way (and in very different ways).

Well, that's about it for this week. Next week I should have my copies of "Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind" and "Porco Rosso", so I might dust off my copies of "Princess Mononoke" and "Spirited Away" (my copy of "Kiki's Delivery Service" is loaned out to friends) and have a Miyazaki mini-festival! Fun!

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