Monday, February 07, 2005

What I watched instead: Part 1

Subject: Noir
My anime-watching adventures continued unabated, of course. Something new that was old, and something old that was continued.

First, "Nadia of the Blue Water" -- from what I understand, this is a classic many-episode series from the mid/late 80's based on Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea". Not too bad with it's usual old-skool charm and all. But it doesn't entirely hook me right off the bat. It's okay, don't get me wrong, but I think it's aimed a little young for me. I'll still give it my customary 2-disc try and see if it draws me in any deeper. So to speak.

As for "continuing", "Sorcerer Hunters" disc 3 -- pretty more of the same that I've described all along. It didn't seem to make as much of a breakthrough for me as the last disc did, though it had some neat moments. And of course, it drops a minor, albiet surprising, bombshell at the very end of the disc. But that, along with the other little bits and pieces, don't really seem to advance the story arc all that much. This show could probably stand for me to space out the episode viewings a little, instead of trying to watch it all at once.

Speaking of spacing out the episodes, "Big O" has been rolling along on the Cartoon Network, and I'm enjoying it to some extent. Interesting, quirky stories, even though it's really just the usual "giant-robot-of-the-week" fodder. The characters are enough to latch on to though, and seeing what happens next with them more than makes up for the cheesier plot devices.

Other miscellaneous watching:

I'm still DVRing ".hack//Legend of the Twighlight Thingy", which, while not nearly as deep as SIGN, is still not too bad; it has it's moments. I probably wouldn't bother buying it, though.

I've tried and pretty much dropped "Jinki:Extend" and "Gallery Fake" (which I might revisit because I think the premise has potential, it just seemed a tad cheap to me), but I'm still following "Air". That's got a pretty decent overall quality to it, and the characters are interesting, but they're sort of walking the thin line between "interesting" and "annoying". And I think after episode 5, they're leaning toward "annoying".

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