Monday, February 07, 2005

What I watched instead, Part 2:

Subject: TV
I split these up so I could actually use a different icon than the ever-dominating Kirika... *grin*

First up: "Carnivale" -- This series premiered right after I first got my HDTV, and I was pretty much glued to the entire first season. Besides the stunning, very high-quality photography and effects, it also had a quirky, dramatic, eclectic sensibility that made for a really good hook.

The 2nd season recently got underway. And it's changed a bit. There were reports that it was "too obscure", too "heavy", and I can sense some rather un-subtle tinkering. Ben's character, for instance, is suddenly a lot more talkative, a lot more proactive, a little more empathetic. I don't think it suits him very well. There's also a lot more "side" characters. Some of them feel a bit tacked-on or otherwise forced into place. And there are various other motivations (or lack thereof) of the regular characters that seem off.

But overall it's not too bad, and definitely beats any of the rest of the programming out there. It'll just take a bit to see where these little changes are taking it.

Lastly, my friends lent me their DVD set of "Firefly". This show aired briefly on the Fox network some number of years ago, and the tribulations involved are someone legendary, at least among the cult following that's sprung up around it. The DVD set restores all of the season to it's original order and never-aired episodes.

And I had forgetten just what a charming show this is. Yeah, it's "cowboys in space". Some say it's "Blake's 7 with horses". But there's neat elements of "purist sci-fi" (no noise in space) combined with some rich character treatment and well-thought narrative.

I'm just over half-way through the set, and I think it's nice to finally be watching some escapist programming that isn't animated. You know, for a change of pace. No, seriously! Stop looking at me like that!!

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maromi said...

Good news, if you don't already know, ADV has announced a release date for the first DVD of MADLAX. April 12th. There is going to be 7 DVDs, or at I assume there will be.