Friday, March 25, 2005

An actual "real people" film for once...

Subject: Cinema
...gritty-real, in some ways.

I dipped back into my foreign movie shelf and finished up the "I Am Curious" duo. I started "Yellow" a couple of months back, and finished "Blue" last night.

Sex mixed with politics mixed with filmmaking. Mostly politics and filmmaking. I'm sure the "sex" part was all very shocking in it's day, but it's rather tame now.

A mix of real-people interviews, fictional scenarios, and many layers of "what is the story" with "what is the film" -- due to the fact that they continuously cut to the crew filming what they just did. It weaves a bit of a complex narrative that way, which is all well and good. But I'm not really a "thinker" when it comes to movies, so I haven't really analyzed it to any level just yet.

It's very, very, uhh... 60's. And very, uhh... Swedish -- whatever that is! But this must be it. Or at least pre-Ikea Swedish.

It didn't rock my world, but I figured I'd at least quickly log that I watched it. The individual characters and their performances were pretty well done and carried it through well enough that I could finish it. Though I sure left a long time between "episodes".

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