Thursday, March 10, 2005

Another "Tsubasa" update!

Subject: Noir
So it looks like they pulled that other picture that showed all the characters, but started fleshing out the site a little. There's an episode summary page with the description of the first episode, and a character page with descriptions of the two leads.

Using Bablefish, it seems that this show is going to be about archeology. No, seriously!

And since my most favorite "real people" show of the last few years (when I can catch it) has been "Time Team", I'm indeed thrilled! Heh.

I can't make much else out -- remember, I don't read manga, let alone CLAMP manga -- except in the overall plot synopsis, it looks like -- wait for it...

Their memories have been taken away and they're trying to find them again.

I remember reading somewhere that amnesia plays a big role in Japanese storytelling because it plays so well into the "start in the middle, and work your way in both directions" narrative structure that Japan is famous for. But boy, howdy, there sure are a lot of amnesiacs in anime, aren't there? Not to mention in Mashimo's anime.

*Disclaimer* -- I just pumped this through a machine translator. I have no idea what's really going to be in this show. But isn't speculating fun?

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