Sunday, March 20, 2005

Continuing the continuation

Subject: Noir
A couple more discs this weekend:

"Irresponsible Captain Tylor" OVA disc 3 -- The last 2 episodes, continuing the style and tone from disc 2. That is to say, it's a much different show in spirit than before. And no sign of Mashimo in the credits.

It's got the same characters, and more or less the same universe, but everything's off a bit. And it's like they totally missed the point of Captain Tylor's character. I dunno. It has an interesting look, and there are some good moments, but it falls flat overall. I think when the new discs are released, I'll just be buying the first series and leaving the OVAs on the shelf.

"Master Keaton" disc 4 -- Continuing the episodic saga. Excellent characters and interesting situations as usual. Again, it's a bit too sedate to watch all at once, but it works really well an episode at a time.

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