Saturday, March 05, 2005

A couple of Newtype tidbits...

Subject: Noir
Okay, I don't have as much time today to dive as deeply into this article as I thought I would, but I figured I'd throw a few tantalizing bits out there for ya...

From the short Kouichi Mashimo profile on pg. 10, confirmation of his background:
"Many people who entered animation around the time had been doing manga before, but for me it was photography and films, so the learning curve was about three times as steep as it was for everyone else."

And on pg 13., a stunning revelation:
Mashimo tells us that though the titles aren't directly related, he's always envisioned Noir and MADLAX as part of a trilogy of works featuring pistol-packing babes. He tells us that he already has a successor to MADLAX in mind. (Though judging by the double takes all around the table, it has yet to be confirmed -- you heard it here first...)


Also on pg. 13, in a sidebar, Mashimo says about Yuki Kajiura:
"She's a storyteller who just happens to know how to write music."

Finally, in the part of the artcle focused on Madlax, pg. 16, Mashimo discusses the development process and how they developed a complex plot aimed at a "sophisticated and well-read audience", my favorite part:
The trick, he says, is to go out drinking and shoot the breeze. "After all the meetings and serious discussions, just put it out of your mind. A little drunkenness and small talk brings out incredible ideas -- just in the course of normal conversation -- and they aren't the kind of ideas you get by planning or thinking logically."

Hero. Absolute f*ing hero! *grin*
And on that note... (*sound of beer-bottle opening*)

More to follow...

PS -- back on page 10, Kirika's age is confirmed. 16. (yikes!)


Anonymous said...

You know, reading your previous announcement today made me leave the house abruptly in a quest for said "oh so wanted Newtype March Isuue"... Of course I tried the internet before, but unfortunately all the sites I looked on only offer for monthly subscription. So, I went looking on the most darkest places, the undergroung markets of Lisbon's comic stores, the refounded imported magazines sections, but the best I could find was the japanese October 2004's issue... there was one store where I could eventually order it from, but they can only get me from April's issue on... I still have a few places to try for tomorrow, so maybe I can get my hands on this aswell.
In the meantime, I'll have to content myself with your tidbit reviews.

*** MartAnimE

maromi said...

I went out to blockbuster and found it today. Nice little interview, although it didn't tell me as much about Mashimo as I was hoping. I'll have to find that tidbit about Kajiura(my real hero). Seems like Mashimo is planning a lot, a third girls with guns anime(maybe they'll make an OVA or Video Game connecting the three) and supposedly another addition to .hack. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

You can buy the Newtype of mars 2005 on this site...^_^