Friday, March 04, 2005

March's "Newtype": Bee Train & Madlax

Subject: Noir
Someone on one of the forums mentioned that Bee Train had a short write-up in the latest Newtype magazine. A magazine I never really bothered with, but I just happened to be near a bookstore this evening and went looking for it.

Sure enough, on the cover, Madlax & Margaret! *Yoink* -- I grabbed it.

I just quickly read the article, and I'm almost tearing up with joy. It's mostly an interview with Koichi Mashimo (along with his lead character designer, animator, and producer). And everything in the article completely confirmed my suspicions about what was going on over there, and reinforced my opinion of him.

The man is now officially, totally, my hero.

When I questioned earlier "does Mashimo get it?", what has happened since is that I got the sense that I was the one who got Mashimo. And I'm overjoyed to see that I was right!

I'll spend some time this weekend excerpting some of the key parts of the interview and commenting on them. It's absolutely fascinating!

(Well, it is to me, at least...)


maromi said...

I looked for it in the mall today, but I couldn't find it. I'd really like to read the interview, although I'd feel kinda bad reading it on the internet. I think I'll just buy the issue. Although twelve dollars may be a lot to pay just for an interview, I really need to read one in order to understand who Koichi Mashimo is. I love reading/watching director interviews because it helps me understand what they plan the series to be. It's especially good to see/read them before the series/movie/book.

Fellini 8.5 said...

I gotta admit, I didn't even pay attention to how much it cost. Then again, having a steady paycheck does that to a guy... ;)

I can't say for sure that it's $12 worth of interview, but if you're really a fan, every little tidbit you can get is worth something.

(Plus, there's a "Newtype Giveaway" contest card where one of the prizes is artwork autographed by him... I shouldn't say this because >i< want to win it! Me, it's mine, all mine!!!! *ahem*)