Friday, March 25, 2005

"Stelllllaaa" uh... I mean: "Stellvia"

Subject: Noir
I watched disc 1 of the "Stellvia" series last night. It was okay, though aimed a bit "young" for my tastes.

Note that it's "young", not "immature". I think I've made that distinction before; I'll have to go back and dig up that post someday so I don't keep repeating myself.

Anyway, like "Uninhabited Planet: Survive", the characters and the situation make up for its intended age bracket enough for it to be watchable. Heck, the opening shot is a supernova-induced apocalypse ravaging the Earth. Ah, the apocalypse; there's a good ol' Japanese animation cliche that never goes out of style! If it weren't for that or some sort of "amnesia" plot, all that would be left would be "high-school". Of course, "Stellvia" has plenty of "high-school". Well, okay, "Stellivia" is a high-school, but it's a high-school facing the apocalypse at least.

Okay, okay, like I said, it's aimed at a younger audience, so it's not exactly breaking any new ground.

Anyway, I might continue renting, though I'm not going to prioritize it in my queue. If it were on one of the cable networks, I'd probably DVR it for occasional viewing a la "Big O" or ".hack//Legend Yada Yada" But for me, it's not a "buy".

Oh, and speaking of "high-school", out of some sort of morbid curiosity I tried the first episode of "Cromatarie High School". Uhhh. Oooo-kayyy. Yeah, I can see why people would think it's funny, but I'm really, really not the target audience for this one. Even though I'm old enough to have listened to Queen when they were actively releasing albums. No biggie, I'm sure it'll appeal to somebody. But if I wanted to see something manga-style, I'd read manga. And I don't.

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