Sunday, March 06, 2005

Weekend watch report

Subject: Noir
Well, I still haven't had much more time to go on about that Newtype article. And really, besides the "hospital" metaphor about what the studio is, there isn't all that much more to it. Well, a couple of good lines about Madlax, maybe. I promise I'll get to it soon!

But I figured at least I'd quickly summarize my ongoing adventures in anime samplin'.

Myazaki's "Castle in the Sky" -- Gorgeous! The intro by John Lassiter (the lead director over at Pixar, who I met way back when in their "Luxo Jr." days -- a story for another time) says that it's his favorite Miyazaki film. And I can see why. It's got a great "scale" to it. Miyazaki does "vast" and "huge" very well. And the character performances are so lively and engaging that you can't help but be drawn in to it. Is it my favorite Miyazaki film? Well, maybe not, but it's damn good! And I still have a few more to catch up on before I can decide. Heh.

Satoshi Kon's "Millenium Actress" -- Oh, I really, really liked this one! It's a wonderfully executed homage to cinema. I mean, it's so detailed, so meticulous in it's treatment. The performances are completely convincing and realistic despite the rather fanciful premise. It's such a gushing show of love for the medium that I can't help but find it totally endearing.

I think I'll be buying both of these!

More later! Tonight is the premiere of season 2 of HBO's curse-tastic "Deadwood"; I can't miss it!

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