Tuesday, April 12, 2005

April 12 has come and gone...

Subject: Noir
...and no Madlax DVD to be seen.


Come to think of it, that Samurai Champloo disc 2 I preordered hasn't even shipped! Argh. Maybe I shouldn't bother pre-ordering with DVD Planet anymore, since it really isn't particularly cheaper than DeepDiscountDVD. Well, except for Criterion releases. They own that space.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone's seen that there's a second Tsubasa sub up on AnimeSuki. I won't be able to watch that one tonight. There's a whole lot of commenting on the episode going on at AnimeSuki as well, and while I try to be prepared for all the manga & CardCaptor fanboy negative comments, I really still had to chime in and wonder why there was so much dissin' the opening scene as "emotionless" and "falls flat". I mean, come on, are these people watching these things in a tiny window on a computer monitor or something?

(Heh. Of course they are!)

Anyway, the whole scene is literally in Syaoran's hands. That's some of the best understated acting I've seen on cel for a while now. There's another scene where Sakura's toes curl a bit, and that says volumes more than any dialogue or extreme pose could. Let's see a manga panel communicate that!

Now, I still have a few nits about the episode, but I'll get to those later once I've rewatched it.

(PS - I might not hit yesterday's 105 site visitors again tonight, but I'm already at 80, which is still over 3 times more than my usual. Maybe I should set up some blogads!)

(PPS - uh, no. *ahem*)


Anonymous said...

What does Sakura's toes curling mean?

Fellini 8.5 said...

I interpret it as a deep-down bit of joy, combined with a tingle of anticipation. Being whisked away like that has got her feeling it to her core, such that even the muscles in feet clench.

In other words, she's likin' it. A lot.