Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Extended grumpitute

Subject: Musings
So I still haven't been patient enough to be satisfied with anything I've watched this week, so I'll wait until I get through a few more 2nd episodes before I comment on them.

Work has been a bit more annoying than usual, the last tiny few items left for the contractors to do on the house still haven't been completed, and I still haven't gotten anywhere with starting "phase 2". And even though we finally had a nice sunny stretch of weather for once, it's now back to the usual April "cold'n-rainy". And my site traffic is way back down to "normal" levels... (poor me! *sniff*)

That all said, the new desk I ordered is finally being delivered tomorrow, so I can finally set up a decent little office & studio space. Which will hopefully be the lynchpin to break loose the log-jam of all the stuff I've got to do. And "Samurai Champloo" disc 2 and "Neon Genesis Evangelion" platinum disc 7 are both shipping as we speak, so there'll be some more stuff to watch that I can probably count on liking at least a little bit...

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