Saturday, April 16, 2005

Maybe I'm too sober...

Subject: Noir
...because I still don't get "Revolutionary Girl: Utena", even after DVD #4, which I watched without the benefit of having "warmed up" for the evening. And I'm thinking that, y'know, every time I've tried watching this, I hadn't been entirely loosened-up.

Except for the movie. And, go figure, I enjoyed that! Hrm.

Okay, that all said, it was a slightly more compelling disc this time around. Though it's focus on different types of doomed relationships (or, at least, obsessions that supposedly pass as relationships) really got on my nerves. But, at least overall, it didn't do anything to make me give up on it totally; I'll keep renting it and see if this goes anywhere finally.

On a completely opposite note, by the time Utena was over, I was "warmed up" for the 2nd disc of "Najica Blitz Tatics". In my first impression of the show, I felt I needed to draw the distinction between "juvenile immaturity" and the kind of excessive underwear-humor that runs rampant through this show. In fact, this disc even "kicks it up a notch" in terms of explicit fanserviceness, and, how should I put this... "titilation". *cough*

Still, this show is a whole lot of fun. In trying to think of a way to describe it, I came up with this: take the superficial elements of Mireille's & Kirika's interactions from Noir, put it in a James-Bond-ian setting, and add in a dose of "naughtiness". And don't take yourself too seriously when you do it.

A "hoot" indeed!

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