Friday, April 15, 2005

More "Monster". But first...

Subject: Noir
...Last night I rewatched Tsubasa with a different fansub. But seeing as I was just off of a reunion with my beloved "MADLAX", I found it to be a little too flat overall this time through. So I'm going to let it sit for a bit until the next episode is out before I check out the 3rd sub. 'Cus that MADLAX-effect can be pretty darned strong!

One show that's different enough that it can nullify the MADLAX-effect is "Monster". I had been falling behind on it again, like I usually do, and caught up with it last night.

I tell ya, if I had ended on episode 45 instead of 44, I probably would have been clinging to every release because of the suspense. Quite a lot happened all at once, and it brought a lot of seperate threads all in confluence and answered a lot of questions (and confirmed a couple of suspicions), though it opened up more.

That said, in a way, it's not really that deep. It actually is kind of easy to predict, though there'll be moments where they sort of misdirect you. Still, it's quality stuff. Better than most, that's for sure.

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