Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Some "Adult Swim" insanity I actually find funny!

Subject: TV
"Robot Chicken"!

Holy moly, it's hilarious!

I haven't watched much that Cartoon Network had to offer of late in their non-anime late-night slot; I tried "Sealab" and was totally bored with it. And that one with the meatball and talking milkshake... I guess I'm disadvantaged by my lack of pot-smoking to get that one. Back in the day "Space Ghost" was at least amusing (Brak rulez!), but it got old mighty quick.

But this "Robot Chicken" is totally inspired! Toy figures and clay and whatnot all animated in these twisted little vingettes for about 11 minutes straight. There's this bit with "Voltron" breakdancing, and... and... I'm still laughing!

I gotta download more!!

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