Saturday, April 09, 2005

Tsubasa Raw

Subject: Noir
...on Saiyaman right now. I know there's at least one group speed-subbing, but for those of you as anxious for a taste of Bee Train's latest as I am, opportunity knocks...

UPDATE: Watched it! (I wanted to be "first"... Heh.) I s'pose if I were a CLAMP follower I'd recognize the huge assortment of characters that were posing at various points in the program, because it was pretty obvious they were intended to be recognized. But that's okay, there were still some really neat moments, and I'm really liking the extra spark of life and expressiveness that Sakura has. Well, up until something happens at least... Anyway, looking forward to the sub so I can get a better sense of what's going on!

Oh, one nit of a dissappointment: it's not widescreen! I think that would make it the first Mashimo production since before Noir that isn't. That nit along with certain other impressions make it pretty obvious this is intended to be a mainstream TV show more than the usual "unusual" Bee-Train fare. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Anonymous said...

I've already watched it too! It looks nice! The characters are cute (and yeah, I do recognize some of them :p ), the backgrounds are wonderfull, and the music, well, it is Yuki Kajiura all right :D I loved that song that played for quite a while during the last part of the episode!!!
I'm not so sure about what really happened to Sakura, but the story seems captivating enough so far!!! Even though this is definetly intended to be mainstream, I must say: Go Bee-Train!!! ^^

*** MartAnimE