Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Brewin' up trouble...

Subject: Musings
So I've been toying around with ideas for a couple of web sites.

I've been researching shared-hosting providers for a while now, and I've been torn between about 4 of them, when I discovered a major-league amazing deal at DreamHost*. It was a total no-brainer. I couldn't help but on that grenade.

So stay tuned. Once my new DNS entries propagate, and I get some of it set up, y'all will be the first to get a sneak-peak at what's coming!

(Hint: one of them will be a Bee-Train fansite... go figure!)

* before clicking on that link, note 3 things:
  1. Full disclaimer: that link has a referral code from me which means if you go for one of their plans, I get a kickback to help pay for the new sites. If you go for it, you can get kickbacks for referrals too (and I get further kickbacks for your referrals).

  2. There is a promotion code -- "777" -- which if you go through the long laborious sign-up process, you'll see that their "Crazy Domain Insane" plan is -- get this -- less than $10.00 for the year. Yes, year With a free domain name. And all the other numbers you see on that plan. I don't know how long the code is good for, I found it in this forum.

  3. The numbers on that plan, for this price, means they're probably over-selling, and they will likely penalize you for sites that use too much processer time and whatnot even if you don't come near those limits. Which might ultimately cost you (and me) a whole lot more. And it might mean some growing pains for the company. And I'd bet next year it'll be back to full price in order to renew. Poke around that forum I linked to so you can get a sense how shared-hosting works and what the pitfalls are.

UPDATE: Nothing to see here. Or here. Move along, move along... Heh.

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Anonymous said...

This looks promisisng! :) I'll be looking forward to it! :D

*** MartAnimE