Saturday, May 21, 2005

"First Post!" ("!!!111one!1!1!!OMG!", etc.)

Subject: Musings
On this day, one year ago, I dipped a toe into the Blogger pool, and have managed to keep at it with at least one post a week since then. Reading those first few weeks of posts in the archive, I'm amused at just how quickly I shook off the notion that I wasn't actually some kind of nerd and all but immersed myself in my own off-kilter brand of fandom instead.

And the foreshadowing of this one little solitary quote:
"More about my obsession with this show later."

And how.

PS: Of course, I'm not the only one dragging on the obsession -- AnimeStuff-R is still playing the "Noir" OSTs -- they just keep changing the end-date every week, it seems. Thanks to them, I bought them for myself. Keep up the good work!

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