Tuesday, May 17, 2005

".hack" movie??

Subject: Noir
From the ".hack//info center":
Update: 5-08 According to Moon Phase, there is talk about a .hack movie in the works. The movie is currently in the very early stages-- ie: just talk. 劇場版 .hack- 総監督 : 真下耕一 / 制作決定 ?

So, just talk, big ol' rumour. But that little bit of kanji I bolded is Koichi Mashimo's name, and the Google translation is:
Theater edition.hack- entire supervision: Koichi under truth / production decision?

("Mashimo" translates to "under truth", as far as I've been able to tell from my various translation attempts.)

That site also mentions a new ".hack//GU" game, but not being a PlayStation guy, I didn't really read it that closely.

".hack//MOVIE"... hmmm...

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maromi said...

This is great news for me, especially since I've recently gone .hack crazy after buying close to all the discs of the series(I originally watched it on TV). The movie is a bit exciting, but I'm more excited about the game. I don't like to play most video games unless I'm with frieds, but the .hack games are an exception(and Mega Man). I still can't find the second one though...