Monday, May 02, 2005

A "Happy Noiriversary" after all?

Subject: Noir
Well, sorta...

I rewatched the last three discs without the aid of even a drop of saki.. uhh, sa-ke (*ahem*) because there was no way in heck I'd be able to get through the rest of the week without "closure". Not to mention the fact that I'm supposed to be flying to Oregon on Sunday, so I really wouldn't have had the time to try it again.

So now that I managed to complete it in much the fashion I did a year ago (reading that old post reminded me that I kind of over-did it then, too), it's time to contemplate a bit about what this year has brought me.

"Noir", for better or worse, marks a strange sort of turning point in my life. Tracking through my blog archives, you can follow my early attempts to hide from it, to not admit it. And it really didn't last long...

Though I bet if KT hadn't steered me towards "Madlax" fansubs, I may have gotten to the first disc of ".hack//SIGN" and completely given up then! And just watched "Noir" exclusively forever after, thinking all other anime is a waste of time.

And if "Madlax" were as difficult for me to get into as "Tsubasa Chronicle"... Well, let's not think about that, shall we? As it stands, the anime shelf for my DVD collection now takes up more space than my foriegn movie shelf, and more is on the way.

While I managed to hold on to my sanity and get through that inital "crisis", or, at least, not quit my day job just yet, I have to wonder what the next year has in store for me. After all, my remodelling project is culminating in more than just a new kitchen, but a little studio of my own.

And coming soon -- two new websites, that, if I can pull it off, will be a lot more in-depth than just my random ramblings here on Blogger. Not that I'll get rid of this little bit of rambling; it's kind of fun. *grin* But I think I've got some ideas that might help me transistion towards something that might be more than just a hobby; maybe something self-sustaining, even.

All because I stumbled on a beautiful, colorful bit of action & drama one day over a year ago. All because two pretty girls with guns stole my heart.


"Happy Noiriversary" indeed. Now back to our regularly scheduled snobbery & angst!

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