Friday, May 06, 2005

Intrigue from Japan: 'Paranoia Agent' (on NPR's Fresh Air)

Subject: Noir
This link has already been going around the usual news sites, but I figure I'd blog it here as well. Here's the blurb:

Critic-at-large John Powers tells us about the Japanese TV animated series Paranoia Agent by Satoshi Kon. It's now out on DVD.

One thing this segment does is confirm what I've been thinking: there's a demand building up for this kind of grown-up alternative programming, and it's quite possible that this may be the "ground floor" opportunity to get a piece of the action in the non-otaku-oriented anime niche. It's difficult to find reviews and information about little gems like "Paranoia Agent" from the perspective of mature crossover audience.

And maybe it'll be a short-lived trend, but one way or another I want to cash in... uh... participate! Heh.

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