Tuesday, May 31, 2005

"Madlax" disc 2 shipped! (plus more "P.N.S." and a little "Tsubasa"

Subject: Noir
Yay, DDD has shipped my copy of Madlax #2!

That means in another year, I can have a "Madlax bender"...

"Oy", indeed. There must be something totally messed up with my relationship with "Noir" if I need to build up a big Bushmills-'n-coffee-fueled party event just to be able to watch it. As if blogging about it non-stop for a year isn't messed up on its own, but still...

And as if I need to describe "watching 'Noir'" as "my relationship with 'Noir'" isn't messed up...

Anyway, combining "Post-Noir Syndrome" with recovery from my experiment in blood chemistry realignment made for very little watching of anything these past two days, but during dinnertime tonight I finally watched episode 8 of "Tsubasa Chronicle". From the forums I gather that this one was a departure from the manga, and I think the show benefited tremendously from that. Mind you, I think I've got a bit of "lowered-expectations" going into these days, but even though it was still rather subdued, it had some fine moments to latch on to. Almost entirely "Sakura moments", but moments none-the-less.

The music was very noticably ".hack"-ish with a little "Madlax" edge, but I'm still not consciously recognizing any individual songs or themes (and not really trying to), so only the familiarity of the style is standing out as opposed to the songs themselves. Not a bad thing, I suppose. Probably my recognition with the other shows stems from my constant rewatching more than any ability of mine with respect to analyzing soundtracks.

Well, tonight I don't have any "new" anime to watch, so I might just pick something light off of my "real movie" shelf as a change of pace. Dunno what yet; P.N.S. tends to make me really indecisive in that regard.

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