Tuesday, May 03, 2005

News I missed: "Avenger" DVDs announced

Subject: Noir
While I've been, uh, distracted this past weekend, Bandai announced at the Boston Anime Convention that they're releasing all 13 episodes of Avenger all at once in a collector's tin for $30 US.

Wow, that's pretty cheap... I wonder how that bodes for the disc quality. Hrm.

No word on a release date. But I s'pose I'll start making room on my shelf for it now!


KT Kore said...

Even though I don't think the show is very good, I might just buy it at a price like that. I mean, it did have excellent animation, so I guess that could justify a purchase with a price that low. :)

Fellini 8.5 said...

That seems to be the theme to posts I see on AnimeOnDVD's forums -- "Gee I heard it sucked, but at that price, how bad could it be?" Which, if it was planned that way, is an absolutely brilliant move on Bandai's part.

I'm holding out a little hope that, at the very least, the subtitle translations will benefit from the translator knowing the whole story from beginning to end, which should make some of the more maddening dialogue a little more understandable. After all, it's doing wonders for Madlax already.

KT Kore said...

I could only hope that's true. That would be fantastic. Maybe it would make the ending, and the whole show in general more fulfilling. The show felt like it ended in the middle of production. Though I could have missed something, but there remains the fact that 95% of those who have seen the show tend to agree with me, so I'm sure we all couldn't have missed something. =P

But yeah, the animation and music are probably worth the 30 bucks to me. The direction and visuals are intriguing, but the plot left a lot to be desired. But we'll see how I feel after a second viewing...