Sunday, May 29, 2005

Other misc non-mindbending

Subject: Noir
Wow, no sign of a non-butchered release of "Tsubasa" 8. And no "Emma" for this week. So my relaxing Sunday morning was spent with the suspenseful episode 9 of "Dr. Who". I've mentioned that this is a nifty show, right? Heh.

Anyway, the other two shows I watched last night before my run-in with the metaphysical 2x4 were more entertaining than thoughtful. First was the original "Appleseed" movie. Somehow I missed this one back in the late 80's, because it would have been right up my alley for the time. Post-apocalyptic-utopian-city-police-with-battlesuits vs. cyborg terrorists and whatnot. Characters were fun and well animated, the action was popcorn and entertaining, and the story, well... I guess there must be a series or manga or something that assumed more than what the movie told, which is fine. There's also a new version of the movie out, and that's in my queue, but I wanted to see the original first.

Also, I finished off "Wild Arms" with disc 5. Still no sign of Koichi Mashimo in the credits. When they rolled the Kanji credits at the end, there was one that looked a lot like his, but was fundamentally different. I've seen that one on the ".hack" credits too, so it must be someone else. All that said, there were plenty of ingredients that were very "Bee-Train" familiar with respect to the shots and framing and overall style. So I was entertained by that at least. The story itself takes a bizarro twist that, in the context of the fact that this was really just light entertainment and nothing profound, was acceptable enough. But I really want to know what the deal is with ANN's attributing Mashimo to this one, not to mention a lot of the ADV press releases for "MADLAX" which say much the same. Puzzling.

Tonight I'm trying to decide if I want to start a more measured viewing of "Noir" or not. That is, don't marathon the whole thing (it's too late to start that anyhow), but watch a couple of discs tonight, then a couple tommorow, and so on. I wonder if I can manage that kind of moderation? After all, a good "Noir" bender now and then isn't a bad thing, is it? *Ahem*

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