Monday, May 09, 2005

Sunday night was TV night

Subject: TV
I still really don't watch much along the lines of "normal" TV.

But last night was pretty much all non-anime, non-movie programming for me; a rare occurance lately. First up, I got a little closer to catching up with the Dr. Who episodes, and watched the one titled, obviously enough, "Dalek". That was in some ways totally unexpected -- no, not the fact that there was a Dalek in it, but how it was actually a bit intense. Sure there were cheesy moments, and like I said before, it's a bit over-the-top, but it's still rather entertaining.

Becoming less entertaining, unfortunately, are "The Simpsons". *Sigh*. I really don't have a lot more to say about it than that. There's still some clever bits, but overall it still rings rather flat. "King of the Hill" is still holding up a bit stonger, but it's running out of ways to keep itself moving forward as well, it seems. Still a rather under-rated and under-appreciated show, though.

Finally, "Deadwood" gets a little bit closer to the season finale. The lyrical linguistics are totally headspinning, but there's even so much more to be had by the performances and the direction. The progression in this episode towards it's unavoidable conclusion was really something. The reactions and body language of everyone in those last shots -- excellent work. Two more episodes left in the season!

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