Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ritual achieved.

Subject: Noir
"Tsubasa Chronicle" episode 9 -- this show is improving quite a bit. Kurogane & Fay are more "alive" in this one, particularly Fay. That bit where he starts saying "Hyuu" -- that cracked me up.

(Well, it elicited a chuckle, which for this show, may as well be "cracking me up"...)

And the fight with the Fingernail Chick (*cough*Shao-Li*cough*) -- very well done. Also helpful in defining Kurogane & Fay a little more.

And though Sakura had very little screen time or dialogue, she's still my favorite thing about this show. But at least there's more than just her to hang on to, at least as far as this episode is concerned.

I also caught up with "Emma" episode 7 -- a nice, if predictable, episode. While the attention to detail and the overall characterizations are pretty good, I think Hakim and his harem are what's keeping me tuned in. The dynamic between him and William give the show a level of wit that does a marvelous job of injecting humor without stooping to the absurd. All with those deadpan, disinterested gazes. Heh.

Not too much in the pipeline for me today besides getting ready to get back to work. Chores to be done and all that. I've got yesterday's "Dr. Who" episode ready to go for this evening, but otherwise, not an awful lot more.

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