Sunday, July 10, 2005

Another weekend's watching

Subject: Noir
Somehow the fact that I didn't have the time to do my usual "Sunday Breakfast w/ 'Tsubasa Chronicles'" this morning must have spread through the karmic multiverse, because there hasn't been a release of episode 14 yet. Sorry to make the rest of you wait on my account, though... *ahem*

Anyway, last night was the first time I've watched much of anything in the anime department for a while.

First up, "Escaflowne" disc 3. Not much to say there, besides the fact that even as it comes close to losing me by being way too much of a "girly" show, the characters and story still keep me hanging on. Anyway, I was a little disappointed that there were only 3 episodes on this disc, but otherwise, I'll keep trudging along.

And I'm still trudging along with "RahXephon" with disc 4. A bit more background gets explored, and various character tensions and whatnot ebb and flow, and little twists and clues get introduced. Same ol', same ol'. No problem, it's not completely putting me off yet, but I'm not particularly sucked in to it. The quality is okay overall, so there's nothing really driving me away from it.

Can I be any more non-commital about it? Sheesh.

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