Wednesday, July 13, 2005

"Avenger; Complete Collection" - October 25th

Subject: Noir
I haven't actually been able to find another source on this yet besides that AnimeNation forum post, but here's the skinny from Bandai:

Avenger: Complete Collection - October 25, 2005; SRP: $29.98; 325 min

That's pretty cheap for the whole series, and preordering will probably be even cheaper.

Also, it's also released the same day as disc 2 of the "Bebop" remix, so I'll save even more on shipping! (Like I actually need to pay for shipping... heh.)

UPDATE: Someone posted a picture of the collector's tin, and mentioned that it also comes with "three mini-cels". (Whatever those are...)


KT Kore said...

My God. Imagine the price on the various cheaper online sites. It could go down to like 17 bucks. Not bad at all! I'll definitely be buying this just for the animation and music. If it had a decent plot it'd be even more of a deal!

maromi said...

Damn Bandai and their nice cases! I never actually watched Avenger. I downloaded the first episode a while back(it was already finished) and deleted it after just skimming through it(I probably would've watched it if I hadn't read a bad review of it). I think I'll buy it just because I'm a Mashimo/Bee Train fanboy.

KT Kore said...

Nice case.

Mini cels? Can't be animation cels since Avenger was animated using digicrap...I mean digicels.

Fellini 8.5 said...

Yeah, I'm figuring they're just dye-sub printouts on acetate or something.